Which cities are the best to live in?

The best cities to live is an important question for anyone considering a move to Perth.

It’s also one that could be answered by looking at the demographics of the area.

There’s a lot of overlap between Perth and Melbourne, which means there’s plenty of room for many people to move between those two cities.

We spoke to a range of people about the best places to live, and which cities have the best prospects of being the next big city.

The answer: Perth.

There are more people living in the city than Melbourne, and Perth has a high percentage of people who are aged between 18 and 24.

That means Perth is one of the safest and most cosmopolitan cities to be in.

The median age in Perth is 27, with a high of 31 in the northern suburbs of Perth and the city’s outer west.

Here are some of the key demographics of Perth: Age: This is one area where Perth has consistently been on top for the past few years.

The city’s population is over one-third younger than Melbourne’s, and the median age is 25, compared to Melbourne’s 29.8 and Brisbane’s 27.9.

That’s a huge difference.

The number of people aged 65 and over in Perth increased by 9 per cent over the last year to almost 3 million.

That may not seem like a big number when you compare it to other cities, but it’s important to note that the population of older people is growing.

There were 2.5 million older people in Perth in 2020, up from 2.2 million in 2015.

Perth also has the highest median age at 26, well above the national average of 25.9 and above the global median of 26.8.

This means that if you’re in your 40s and want to live anywhere in Australia, Perth is the place to be.

Incomes: The average salary for people aged 35 to 54 in Perth was $51,000 in 2020.

That compares with the national median of $45,000, which is up 12 per cent in the past year.

Perth is also a pretty big place to live if you want to work in the financial sector.

The average salaries for those in finance were $77,000 and $75,000 respectively in 2020; compared to the national averages of $67,000.

If you’re looking for a place to work that doesn’t require a lot in the way of hours, Perth’s also a great place to start.

Age: The median family income for people in metropolitan Perth was around $72,000 last year.

The national average is $73,000; Perth’s a big money maker.

This is particularly true for those between 35 and 54, with median family incomes around $79,000 for those aged 55 and over.

The age of median earners in metropolitan Australia has remained relatively stable over the past decade, and it’s the median income that has increased.

This may be the case because the population is ageing at a faster rate than the average, which can affect the number of workers available in the labour market.

The middle age population is growing, and that means the number with a job will increase.

This has been a long-term trend for metropolitan Australia.

Age of people: The age structure of Perth is changing.

People aged 65 to 74 have a much higher median income than people in 20-to-24 years, and this has continued for some time.

The ratio of those aged 65-74 to those aged 20-24 has decreased in the last decade, which has contributed to a shift in demographics in the metropolitan area.

The percentage of the population between those ages has also increased, with the median for people under 25 increasing from 12 per 10,000 to 15 per 10 to 20 to 25.

If the median is getting older, then it’s also likely that there will be fewer people aged 25 to 34, who are usually the workers who are most needed in the job market.

A lot of these people are likely to be moving into the suburbs, where there are fewer jobs and higher rents.

In addition, there’s a very small number of young people in the area who are not moving into their 20s, so the number moving into metropolitan Perth is likely to grow even more in the coming years.

It has to be noted that while this number of working age people has decreased, the number aged 65 or over has increased by a similar amount.

What this means is that there are people moving into cities, and those moving out of cities, that are going to affect the city of Perth in a big way.

We’ll be looking at those people in a few months.

The people we interviewed were also looking for jobs, but they’re also looking to the future.

The fact that the median wage is so high in the region shows that the city has a lot going for it.

If a large proportion of these young people are going into jobs, and they’re not moving out, then the city will see a lot more growth

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