Shopify: New web design shop with 100+ designers

Shopify, the cloud-based marketplace for web design, has opened a new shop in the Savannah area with 100 plus designers from across the country.

Shopify launched in January as a pilot project, offering a marketplace that would allow anyone to submit designs for free.

Now, the company is expanding into Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.

“I’m excited to have the opportunity to bring this business to the Savannah community,” said owner and founder of Shopify Steve Worsley.

“Savannah has a vibrant, creative and creative-driven culture, and this is a great way to tap into that.”

Shopify offers more than 1,000 designers a place to create their own designs and earn commissions.

The company says the goal is to give designers and developers access to a large number of design and web development services to help them create their projects.

“There are lots of opportunities to make money here and it’s really important for people to see the opportunity,” said Wors, who is also an investor in Shopify.

“We are creating jobs in this area and it is important for these people to know that we are there.”

Shopize currently has more than 700 designers in Savannah.

It has also launched an online marketplace for artists to share their work.

For more information, visit Shopify’s website.

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