When the Cleveland Web went down: A look back at the fall of the city’s iconic Web site

WASHINGTON — When the city of Cleveland went down last year, it hit home for a number of people.

And now, as it comes to restoring the once-vibrant and vibrant web, they’re seeing some similarities.

A group of former and current Clevelanders is planning to create a nonprofit group to help restore the city website and provide a forum for citizens to talk about the future of the site.

Cleveland is in the midst of a rebuilding phase after the death of former mayor David Bing in May.

And that’s where the site’s current problems can be seen, said Chris Everson, who was mayor at the time.

“I think people were upset with Bing and his style,” Everson said.

“The city was looking to do something positive.

The city was moving to a new direction, so people were looking for something positive, something new, something that wasn’t something that was going to be a blight on the city and the community.”

And that’s what they’re looking for with ClevelandWeb, which is a nonprofit organization with a mission to “restore Cleveland’s iconic Cleveland Web,” according to a press release.

The group says it’s been collecting data on how Clevelanders use the web since 2013 and has created a tool called the ClevelandWeb Map.

“It was a bit like a census,” Eller said.

“We had some really interesting information, and we had some things we didn’t have a lot of data on,” he added.

“A lot of the information that we did have was really old, and it was hard to dig into,” he said.

Everson also said he didn’t know the exact location of the project until he got a call from one of the organizers.

The Cleveland Web is located in the Cleveland Historical Society at 1035 S. Lake St., which is now owned by the Cleveland Public Library.

Everson and Everson’s wife, Jennifer, founded ClevelandWeb in 2016, which started out as a website dedicated to Clevelanders.

Ellers family is involved in the group, too.

“They are so supportive,” Ebert said.

They’re very supportive of the cause.

We don’t think it’s going to go away.

We want to make sure we keep it going.

Cincinnati’s website has been in a state of emergency since October, when a security breach and data breach of a local police department forced the city to shut down all but the official Cleveland Web site.

But there are signs the city is on the right path.

In September, Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley announced the city would be bringing back its official website, and Cincinnati Public Schools announced plans to create the citywide ClevelandWeb site by the end of this year.

The city’s Web is back up and running, but it’s still not fully operational.

And Cincinnati is still recovering from a massive data breach that happened in 2016 that compromised personal information for tens of thousands of students.

Cranley said he believes Cleveland will have a fully functional ClevelandWeb by 2021.

Cincinnatis Web is also a nonprofit that’s hoping to bring back the city Web in a new way.

Its mission is to “support a healthy city for its citizens by developing solutions for problems and providing support to the community to ensure a positive and resilient future,” according a press statement.

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