A new online job posting says to get creative

Vancouver, Canada – A new job posting on the Vancouver Design Bureau website claims to be the first online job post to require a creative approach.

The job listing is for an independent freelance web designer who is looking to design a web design for an upcoming book, said the Vancouver office of the Vancouver Web Design Bureau (VWDB).

The job description asks for a person with a background in design and web development, and to have at least five years experience in this field, said VWDB director of operations and marketing Laura Jansen.

Jansen said that for the most part, online job postings are designed for the job seeker’s first exposure to design and the job posting is not designed for an in-person interview.

“We’re really excited about the opportunity for this kind of experience,” she said.

Jensen said that there are also a number of other opportunities to become a freelance designer in the area, but those are still very limited.

The VWDC has been running a web development training program in Vancouver since 2010 and now has a network of designers, designers, web developers, designers and graphic designers who are looking to expand their skills and learn how to build and manage websites and apps.

Vancouver’s design and architecture industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world.

It has grown from around 2,000 to 3,000 people and has become one of Canada’s fastest-growing job markets.

The Vancouver office has been expanding its web design training program, and in 2016, it hired about 100 people for that program, said Jansen, who has worked in the web development industry for over 20 years.VWDBs staff of about 60 have a broad range of backgrounds including computer science, computer architecture, computer science software, computer graphic design, computer and digital art, web design and technology, web development and technology.

“The skills they bring to the table, I think it’s something that we’re really looking to bring to other agencies,” said Janson.

For those interested in getting involved, the Vancouver web design bureau is offering an opportunity to learn more about the program and get the job posted online, according to the online job listing.

To apply, send a resume, cover letter and an email to VWDBC at [email protected] and you will be contacted shortly with further details on the job, Jansen said.

If you have any questions about the Vancouver VWDBs web design program or the Vancouver-based freelance web design industry, contact Laura Janson at (604) 621-7117 ext. 200.

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