ECommerce and other web design courses to help students earn college credit

ECommercy, a company that offers software development courses online, has added an additional web design course to its online offerings.

ECommentors, a subsidiary of EComputer Solutions, a web design company, announced today that the new web design design course is called “Web Design Principles.”

The course is designed for anyone interested in working in a software-defined networking environment, said Eric Schiller, president of ECOMmentors.

“The course is intended to provide a comprehensive and challenging curriculum to help you succeed in the field of web design,” he said in a statement.

Schiller said that EComumentors is committed to providing its graduates with access to top-quality training that meets their needs.

“With our recent acquisition of an international training provider, EComutioner, we now offer the opportunity for students to access training that can prepare them to work in a variety of web environments,” Schiller added. 

EComissioner, a training provider that includes the United Kingdom and the United States, said in an announcement that it is adding EComentors web design class to its list of web courses that offer college credit. 

The web design is designed to introduce students to web design concepts and the industry in which they work, said ECommissioner.

“It is an important learning opportunity for anyone looking to build their skills in the fields of web development, design, and digital marketing,” said Tim Waddell, ECOMissioner’s senior vice president of web.

“EComissioners students learn how to create and execute successful websites in a professional manner that aligns with the needs of the business.” 

The course covers topics such as web design fundamentals, coding principles, user experience, visual design, typography, and more.

The course offers a unique approach to the industry.

Students are expected to develop and publish their own portfolio of work, according to the EComisioners site. 

The ECometition for College credit is an online program that offers students financial aid through the federal government. 

ECommenters’ web design program is being offered through and, according, to is not accepting applications. 

For more information, contact Erika Vazquez at [email protected], 866-488-2565, [email protected], or email her at [email protected]

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