Is this the worst web design you’ve seen in a long time?

Is this one of the worst websites you’ve ever seen?

Or is it just one of those websites that has you clicking on links that are actually not links at all?

Well, if you have ever seen this web design in action, it’s definitely the latter.

This web design is a bit of a departure from the other examples we’ve seen on this blog and we’re glad that the folks at The Washington Times are putting some effort into making sure it’s not as horrible as it looks.

The article’s title is a little misleading because it describes the design as a web design that “uses a font-size of 18 pixels”.

While that’s an impressive amount of space, the font-sized font has no effect on how the design looks.

If you want to read more about the design, I suggest you read the article.

The website is also a bit outdated and not as intuitive.

It’s unclear if the designers were able to update the design to meet the modern standards of web design.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it would be better to create a modern design with less font- size.

The design also uses a very simple color scheme that looks almost identical to the previous one.

The logo is not very detailed and lacks any subtlety to it.

It looks a little like a logo that you see on a lot of other websites, but it’s nothing special.

The colors are also quite boring and repetitive.

There’s a small icon that says “link” next to the logo and it’s just an icon that makes it look more like an email address.

That doesn’t make the design look any better.

If you’ve never seen this type of design before, this website is definitely something you’d want to avoid.

I mean, look at all those icons!

But if you are a regular visitor to the Washington Times, you might want to check out some of their other work as well.

I know, I know.

I know you hate design.

But if this type is your thing, then this design definitely needs to be avoided.

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