Meet the Web Design Experts Behind the Beautiful Designs of The Washington Post

Atlas web design expert Matt Cagle says he was “stunned” to see the design of the Washington Post’s new website.

“I was just so happy when I saw that it was designed and executed with a responsive design,” he said.

“That was a really cool touch.

The fact that it had that much of a beautiful design and was so responsive was really something that was just a really good touch on my part.”

Cagle is the head of Atlas, a design and development firm that works with the Post to help them make their websites and applications look beautiful.

He says it was important to make sure the new site worked well with the paper’s existing website.

The Washington Post was originally designed in a single, full-color, pixel-perfect grid of color and contrast.

The new site is a bit more complex, using four different grids to display information.

Cagle said it was a “bit of a mess” to design a new site that used a grid, and said the new layout has more options for the reader to make their own decisions.

“The new design is more flexible,” he told ABC News.

“We have a couple of different layouts that we can use for different sections.

We can take the top section and we can take this section and add a few more colors.

You can use these sections as a navigation bar, or you can add a little more visual information to the top or the bottom of the page, like headlines, or images.

We have a lot of options for you to use the information that we have, and you can make it all more interactive or more beautiful.”

Coyle said he also liked that the design was a little bit simpler than the paper had been, as well as the “very high quality” of the content.

He also likes that the redesign includes a little feature called the “Thing of the Day,” where the reader can click through different sections of the design and learn more about the topic at hand.

“That was really nice,” he continued.

“The fact that we’re making a change like that is really cool, and it shows that we actually care about the design.

That’s a really big deal.”

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