New job for Scorpions web design company puts new spin on Cincinnati design process

New job listings on Cincinnati-based Scorpions design company’s website give the impression it’s a small business rather than a major, global design firm.

The listings on the company’s site are full of references to the company having more than 10 employees and its “top quality, award-winning design.”

But when the company is asked about its staff, it says it’s “just one person.”

The site also lists a job description that doesn’t mention a design team.

The site says that the company “specializes in designing mobile apps, websites, and interactive experiences.”

It goes on to say that its clients include Adobe, Google, Microsoft, Adobe Media Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Edge, Microsoft Edge, and Adobe Photoshop.

The company says it currently employs about 80 people.

The job listings are at the bottom of the page.

But the site’s search engine shows the company advertised a job in Cincinnati as recently as last week.

The Cincinnati Post is not identifying the company that advertises for Cincinnati-area web designers.

A spokesman for the city said the city doesn’t comment on job postings, but said it has no history of contracting with companies that advertise for jobs in Cincinnati.

“We have never done any such job listing,” said Michael Johnson, a spokesman for city government.

A spokesperson for the Greater Cincinnati Business Council said it’s not the group’s role to comment on what kind of work the city may be looking for.

We are aware of the listing on the web design firms job site and we will respond to it.

“The job posting that has been put up for a Cincinnati web designer job is not appropriate and does not represent the current hiring process at the site,” said the group in a statement.

The city also has a hiring freeze in place for new hires.

The council said it is working to bring the hiring freeze back to full strength by February.

About 2,700 people in the Cincinnati area are part of the city’s public workforce, including the city police, fire and other city departments.

The area’s population is about 30,000.

Cincinnati is about 25 miles west of Cincinnati.

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