Which is the best T-shirt for my age group?

The T-shirts that most T-voters choose to wear in their election campaign are the same ones they wear in person.

The T-shirts are the most popular.

And with the election less than two weeks away, they are the ones most likely to get noticed.

This is the age group that the T-Shirts are most popular in.

“It’s a classic T- shirt,” said Clare McIlhenney, a senior lecturer in political communications at the University of Leeds.

A T-T Shirt is a long, tight shirt that features an image of the T with a dot over it.

The T is also known as the “Star-Spangled Banner” because of the red, white and blue stripes that form its centre.

Its popularity has surged since President Donald Trump’s inauguration in January, with T- shirts being worn by almost 70 per cent of the electorate in the last week of the campaign.

In the run-up to the poll, the T became a staple of political campaigns, particularly those run by Democrats, because it featured prominently on T- Shirts.

And while many T- T- Shirt voters are younger than the average age of voters, they still tend to vote for the incumbent party.

“In a political campaign, you want to be in a position where you can tell your side of the story,” said McIlhenson.

It’s also the group that tends to choose the candidate who best fits their personality and politics.

You may find the T Shirt on a tee-shirt or a t-shirt and jeans combo, or even a button-up shirt and a T- tee.

“There’s a sense of self-identity in the T,” said Ms McIlhinney.

She said T-tiers are particularly popular among younger voters.

“They’re less conservative and more liberal than the general population, but they’re still very conservative in terms of voting,” she said.

As the election approaches, T-wearers are expected to vote strategically and keep their T-skins in the office.

T-shirt sales have risen sharply, with sales in the US increasing by 60 per cent in March, according to the research firm eMarketer.

The US election is shaping up to be the biggest in US history.

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