Why we don’t like Pittsburgh’s new web design: ‘You’re going to have to take my word for it’

If you’re a visual artist looking for a new project, Pittsburgh has some really cool new projects in the works.

We caught up with designers Sarah Kudelj and Sam Rennie, who are creating new designs for Pittsburgh’s public schools, and got the scoop on why some of their works seem to fall short of what most would expect from a local brand.

Sarah Kudellj and her team at the Pittsburgh School of the Arts are using their new school’s online platform to create a series of designs that take a traditional design and turn it into something fresh.

The design team has created a number of different types of web design that are designed in an organic way.

Each of the projects, which are now available on the school’s website, are very different, from a small classroom design to a huge office space, but all have a common theme of using typography to bring people together.

In this example, a student stands with a pencil and a piece of paper in front of him or her.

In this example they’re drawing on the wall.

Sarah says, “It’s not just a typographic style; it’s the way the material is laid out, and the way it’s organized, the way they can interact with each other and the things that they can create and do with it.

The way that they’re using it is very different.”

The designers also used the digital space to explore different ideas and materials that are often used in design projects.

The school has an interactive project called ‘Discovery,’ which shows students the art of designing websites.

The students can choose between a blue print or a digital version.

Sarah explains, “We’re not going to go too deep into the project, but I think we can tell you that there’s a lot of interest in this, especially the students.

It’s definitely a new concept and it’s really interesting.”

It’s really fun, because it’s not only the students but the whole design team that are working on it.

So it’s a really fun learning experience.

The design team is really passionate about this.

There are a lot more students in the program than there are pencils and paper.

The technology is very advanced and the student has access to a lot that’s not available in the classroom.

“It’s a new experience for students who have never designed before, but the students are very engaged with the project.

They are creating art that is visually engaging and they are also very active.

The students also had the chance to create and participate in an interactive design class.

Sarah explains, “‘Discovery’ is a really cool project, because we wanted to show them the basics of creating a website.

The first thing that they were able to do was create a website that is sort of like a home page.

We wanted to do something really interactive that they could use and share.

“The students are able to use their digital skills to create some great work.

The team also has an online course called ‘Design for the 21st Century’ that students can take online.

The course teaches students how to use Adobe Illustrator to create beautiful web pages.

Sarah and the design team hope to be able to share more information about the project soon.

They hope to launch the project in the spring of 2018.

The designers have received a number the feedback they have received so far, and they’re eager to share the results of their work with students.

“The feedback has been great. “

We’ve been super happy with that,” she says.

“The feedback has been great.

People are really excited to see what we can create.”

Sarah adds, “So, we hope that students have a lot fun doing their work and that they learn a lot from the experience.

We’re really excited about it.”

You can see more of the designs from the Pittsburgh design team on the School of Arts website.

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