The GOP is finally on a roll

The GOP’s approval ratings are now well into the red, and they’re still in a bad place, according to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll.

In a new poll, Republicans are the least popular political party in the country, at 39 percent.

Only 33 percent of Democrats and 41 percent of independents rate their own party favorably.

In a more recent Post/Getty poll, the numbers were the same.

But that’s not stopping the party from continuing to try to get back in the game.

That’s because a new wave of Republicans is trying to get the GOP’s support back.

In the poll, which surveyed 1,000 likely voters nationwide between Feb. 15 and March 3, Trump and Cruz have the support of only 10 percent of respondents.

That makes them the least-popular political parties in the U.S. at 29 percent.

They’re also in a big hole in the numbers when it comes to the party’s overall approval.

A whopping 58 percent of voters said they disapprove of the way Trump and his administration is handling issues such as immigration, climate change and health care, according a new Post/NBC News poll released Friday.

Only 14 percent said they approve of the job Trump is doing as president.

A whopping 53 percent said that about Trump and the GOP overall.

That’s not good news for Republicans, and the results suggest they’re not on the way to winning back the support that they lost in the 2016 election.

Trump has been in a slump for months, and his approval rating is in the dumps, even as the GOP is trying hard to rally support behind its presumptive nominee.

He is currently underwater in the Post/CBS poll, at 34 percent.

And the new poll shows Trump and Republicans are far behind with voters in the general election, at 40 percent approval.

That poll, along with a new CNN poll released Thursday that found the GOP underperformed expectations among women voters, suggests the party has a long way to go to reverse that decline.

Republicans have lost some ground in the past year.

In the new Post poll, Trump was just ahead of Cruz by a narrow margin among women.

In November, he was ahead by a wider margin among white women.

Cruz is in a similar situation.

He was ahead among women and whites in November, and by a much narrower margin in the new survey.

But, that poll showed Cruz with a much larger lead over Trump among black women, Latinos and Asian-Americans than he does with white women and white men.

Trump’s new numbers are even worse than Cruz’s.

He and Cruz both have the lowest approval ratings of any presidential candidate in the last quarter century, and Trump’s numbers are worse than both of them.

Trump’s approval rating among white men has plunged from 36 percent in November to 19 percent now.

Cruz’s numbers also are worse.

His approval rating with white men is a record low, at 35 percent.

That would put him in the same position as Trump, who has a far larger base of support than Trump.

And it would put the GOP in a more difficult position as it tries to rally voters behind its nominee.

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