“We’re not selling a service”

Washington Post article The latest round of cost-cutting at the U.S. Postal Service is set to hit stores and on the Web soon.

The Postal Service on Wednesday announced plans to trim more than 4,000 jobs, most of them postal employees, to save about $3 billion over the next decade.

In a blog post, the USPS said it would eliminate more than 1,100 jobs by mid-year, including about 3,400 in the U-S-P, the nation’s largest private carrier.

“We are not selling services to our customers.

We are selling them products that we need to produce and deliver,” USPS Chief Financial Officer Mark Schoening said in a statement.

“The Postal Service will remain a strong, profitable entity in the future, but the challenge ahead is to continue to drive growth in all of our major markets and to better serve our customers.”

The Postal Workers Union and other unions had been demanding the job cuts, saying they hurt the postal service’s ability to provide goods and services to Americans.

USPS workers make up more than half of the U,S.

workforce, but they have struggled to secure higher wages.

The USPS has faced a string of budget cuts, which it has blamed on Congress and the White House.

The agency has struggled to find a way to deliver mail to consumers who rely on online shopping and other services, and has been forced to slash costs at the post office and elsewhere.

The postal service will also be taking steps to cut costs at other points of its operation, including the Postal Service Center in Maryland.

The Center for Community Progress, which lobbies for postal service workers, said the cuts were part of the USPS’s strategy to focus on delivering products to the mailroom rather than service centers and that USPS employees would be given “no special compensation” for their cuts.

“These cuts are not just about jobs, but about the Postal Services ability to deliver essential products to its customers,” said Tim Kriegs, a director of the center.

“It will hurt postal service employees, it will hurt the customers, and it will affect all of us.”

A senior Postal Service official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the agency was not authorized to discuss the plan publicly, said that the Postal Savings and Loan Association was the primary source of information on the proposed job cuts.

The savings could be used to support USPS employees’ retirement and pension benefits.

The move comes as postal service customers have been increasingly searching for cheaper products on the Internet and are increasingly using online payment options, such as credit cards, to pay for goods and service.

USPS employees were also told in August to get rid of “any vestiges of paper-based systems” and to make their mailroom “clean” or they would lose their jobs.

But the new cuts would also eliminate the Postal Security Service, the agency’s electronic-mail system, and the mail processing and delivery centers.

Postal workers have faced the most recent round of job cuts in March, when the Postal Regulatory Commission ordered the Postal Rate Processing Service to close its doors, effectively killing the business.

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