Why a new web design platform is going to be huge for Israel

A new design platform for Israel has opened in New York City and will likely launch in other cities as well as the Middle East, the first of its kind in the Jewish state.

The platform is called Wix, and it is designed to allow users to design web pages and to share them with their friends and family.

The idea is that by sharing design designs with each other, the user will have the ability to share the designs on their own website.

The goal is to allow people to create the best websites for themselves and for their friends.

The company will also be able to offer its services to other people in Israel, the company said in a statement.

The new platform was announced on Wednesday at the IWOS conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

IWos is a non-profit organization that promotes digital and social innovation and has also created Wix.

Wix was founded in 2014 by two young Israeli developers.

The two have since grown the company to about 30 employees and are in the process of hiring new talent, including several designers and web designers.

The first Wix website was published on the internet in December of last year.

The website was created to promote a new Israeli mobile phone application called iHire, which allows users to find a job and apply for a job at an Israeli company.

The Wix team is comprised of the two founders, Amir Zohar and Gilad Kupri, both of whom are graduates of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The app is an innovative platform for Israeli mobile workers.

It lets users apply for jobs, apply for loans, find information about their potential employer, apply to other jobs and get tips about where they could be best employed.

The system allows users who are not Israelis to apply to jobs in the US, but also provides information about the Israeli economy.

Wipster said that in its first few months of operations, the app has received more than 4 million downloads and is currently in use by over 1,000 Israeli companies.

It has also been featured in numerous publications and has been used by Israeli news outlets.

The Wix platform will also allow users in Israel to connect with people from other countries.

“We think that the people who come to Israel, who come here to work in an office or in a factory, they’ll be able in Wix to share their work,” Zohare said.

The main purpose of Wix is to offer a platform for sharing design and design services with other people.

The design platform will be available to everyone in Israel.

The site also offers a tool for users to upload and share their own designs.

Users can choose from more than 60 design categories, including fonts, images, layouts, logos, images and videos.

The most popular categories are music, design, design software, design tools, design patterns, and design courses.

According to Wipsters team, the platform will offer a way for Israelis to design for other people who are in Israel or who are interested in the country, who are going to work here, who might have kids here and who are thinking about coming here.

In order to facilitate that, the site will also provide an option for users who do not live in Israel and would like to make sure they have a design job when they get there.

Wixt is also creating a website for foreign students to take advantage of their learning opportunities.

This will be a platform to help them gain access to courses, work and study opportunities, and to get a better understanding of the country and the culture that they are coming to study in.

While it may not be the first time a company has created a website specifically designed for foreign visitors, it is one of the first in the area of international design.

In September, Apple created its first website specifically for foreign users, but it is not available in the United States.

The Apple site for foreign design was created for the company’s global team of designers.

There are currently approximately 40,000 design professionals in Israel who can work on international design projects, according to the Ministry of Economy and Planning.

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