Pittsburgh web designer’s web design portfolio goes viral

Pittsburgh web design company Pivotal has been recognized with a $100,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to build a portfolio for the next generation of engineers.

The NSF awarded Pivotek a $50,000 Innovation Prize for its work on “Design as a Service” platform for software developers.

Pivotek is developing a tool that can create a portfolio, a website or a website-like app for an engineering job.

Pivotal is also developing a design tool that developers can use to quickly identify and hire people who can create their own web designs.

The tool allows for quick, flexible, and collaborative collaboration between developers and designers.

Piketty and her team are looking to expand the portfolio with additional projects.

Pivot, a tool Pivoti said she is creating with her team, will help companies automate and streamline the hiring process, she said.

The project will be used by companies that hire more than 10 people at a time, Pivota said.

She is also building a prototype of the tool for businesses that hire 20-30 people a month.

Pavlots, a platform that Pivoter said she will be creating with the help of her colleagues, will allow companies to create a custom dashboard for their employees.

It will allow the companies to show a person’s career goals, including where they are on their career path, Povoter said.

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