The web design of a house in India

Indian media reported that the house in which the founder of the design firm IK Design is said to have built his business, had been constructed in an old hotel in Chennai.

According to the reports, the hotel’s walls were made from an old brick wall and the interior was painted.

The report further added that the hotel had a pool in the basement and the main hall had an elevator shaft.

The hotel’s website also mentions the hotel as the location of a design school, and mentions that the designer had been offered a job in India in 2008, but he declined.

The IK design firm is famous for its work in online advertising, and its clients include the United States and Europe.

It was reportedly founded in 2004 by the founder IK Narayanan.

According in the article, the design of the hotel and its exterior were not only based on the old hotel, but also a former hotel in Mumbai.

The article says that Narayanans mother lived in Chennai before moving to the US in the 1970s.

It also said that Narayanas daughter, the architect of the business, was the daughter of a Tamil-origin businessman, and her husband, who worked in the hotel, had also been an IK client.

The house in Chennai was said to be in the “cool and trendy” district of Pallavaram, in Chennai’s western suburbs.

In the article titled, “The designer’s daughter in the IK hotel” by The Indian Express, a reporter said that in Chennai, the house was a “luxury project”.

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